OLDER DOGS age 10+ (our sugar-faced seniors…)

It often takes us a bit longer to successfully place our older dogs, like Welfare boy Vaz pictured here on the left. Vaz was surrendered to the charity in 2017, and at just seven years old back then, nobody wanted him – partly due to his age, and partly because he had a couple of minor health conditions. He was finally adopted by one of our Welfare Officers (who fell in love with him pretty much as soon as he arrived!) He is now 12 years old, far healthier than he was as a younger dog, and he still enjoys long days out in the hills and regular trips to the beach.  

What we’re trying to say is… Please PLEASE do consider applying specifically for an older dog. They usually have many happy years still ahead of them, and they are generally much calmer and far more biddable than our younger and more boisterous dogs. 

In recent months we have been asked to rehome several senior dogs, with the oldest being an utterly delightful and very sprightly 15 year old, who settled into her new home almost immediately.