If you would prefer to make a direct donation, please contact us for our bank details.
When making a direct donation, please also complete and return a Gift Aid Declaration *
*If you are a UK taxpayer

Gift Aid explained

The Gift Aid scheme is for donations of money made by people who pay UK tax. Charities take your donation (which is money you’ve already paid tax on) and reclaim this tax from HMRC.

Basic rate tax is 20% so this means that if you donate £10, once we reclaim Gift Aid, your donation actually becomes £12.50! 

One Gift Aid form can cover every donation made to Vizsla Welfare for whatever period you choose, and can cover donations already made in the past, as well as any donations you may make in the future.

We can reclaim Gift Aid for donations you make jointly, if you tell the charity how much each of you is giving and if each of you completes and returns a separate Gift Aid Declaration.