The Vizsla Health Trust was set up in 2020 to support scientific research into genetic illnesses that have a significant impact on the health of the Hungarian Vizsla. The current focus is Vizsla Inflammatory Polymyopathy (VIP), a breed specific disease characterised by dysphagia (difficulty or discomfort in swallowing), drooling, regurgitation and muscle wasting.

Vizsla Welfare have long supported the studies into VIP and over the years, thanks to our many generous supporters, we have donated in excess of £46,000 to the programme of research undertaken by the Centre for Integrated Genomic Medical Research (CIGMR) at the University of Manchester. In 2020, to recognise the now quite distinct roles of Vizsla Welfare and the Vizsla Health Trust, our Trustees unanimously agreed that VHT should become the new custodians of the ‘VIP Fund’, previously managed by us at Welfare as a separate ring-fenced research fund, and so we transferred over the entire residual sum of £10,848.51, which was most gratefully received.

If you have read about this horrible disease, if sadly you have been affected by it directly, if you would like to support the work being carried out by the Vizsla Health Trust, please visit the website to make a donation. 

Welfare Trustee Noanie is also a Trustee of the VHT, and this reflects our continuing interest in the health and genetic welfare of the Hungarian Vizsla.